INACTIVE during Summer 2024. Talk to me later!


Nov 2023 I am presenting at AMIA Annual Symposium in New Orleans.
Jun 2023 I developed and taught a seminar, Biomedical Applications of Language Technology (BIME 591 B). (I am teaching it again in Autumn 2023!)
Jul 2022 I spoke for the Pervasive Data Ethics (PERVADE) webinar series.
Dec 2021 I have successfully defended my dissertation, Considerations for the Social Impact of Natural Language Processing.
Aug 2021 My article, Machine Translation Shifts Power, is up at The Gradient.
Mar 2021 I had the pleasure of participating in the FAccT 2021 Doctoral Consortium.
Feb 2021 I was a panelist for Digital Humanities Day at UW.
Dec 2020 Our survey paper, Data and its (dis)contents, received a Best Paper Award at the ML Retrospectives Workshop at NeurIPS 2020.
Nov 2020 I was named a Rising Star in EECS.